"Don't let your talents die inside of you give them a chance to meet the test of life"

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About me

I live in a peaceful country Japan. I believe in Peace, Love and Harmony.

Why here?

Knowledge exchange


Photography, Videography, Music, Animation, designing. In spare time I make music, particles and video background for videos. I am contributor of Yahoo answers and other social networks. Love traveling, Ancient art and Mind Control. I have developed my own mind control techniques. And I love a lot of Ice cream.

Music taste

It depnds on mood. Country song,(Convey Twitty), Techno Trance, Hard style, Ambient, Rock Pop etc.

Taste in books

How to make money in few hours, how to tease, how to not attend School/College/University.
Self improvements, help, anicient art etc.

Taste in movies

Adventure, Historical, Comical