Cutting unwanted scenery from movie is tough-always seems to be unsatisfactorily "approximate." Need precision. Arranger or Trimmer-how to get in?

mayotte100 schrieb am 19.07.2012 um 16:37 Uhr

Movie Edit Pro MX is brand new to me (replacing Studio 10 which was very easy to use).  Here's all I want to do:  1.  cut out unwanted scenes/scenery; 2. relocate scenes/objects from one part of the movie to another; 3. Insert some still pictures here and there; 4. Put in some Titles to introduce different places I went to.  All simple stuff, but I seem to be too stupid to do it.


asoeli schrieb am 19.07.2012 um 18:35 Uhr

I think you are not "too stupid" for for this, your choice of MEP MX shows you are not ! But change to a new system can be a challenge!

First of all, study your PDF Manual, I mean that is the best start. In case you have not found it, on my Win7 system it is under Programfiles (x86) - Magix - Movie_Edit_Pro_MX - . Videodeluxe_EN.PDF.  A document of about 400 pages, in many languages. If you have a download version, you must download this file as well as many others (plugins) after registration.

Always work in Timeline Mode, Storyboard is not good for exact editing. Now you can expand (zoom) each clip as you like.


gandjcarr schrieb am 20.07.2012 um 17:36 Uhr

Hi,  I agree with asoeli, but I also understand that when you are new to something reading a long manual is a little daunting when you are just getting started and want to see some progress fairly quickly.  So, your question motivated me to put together a quick video tutorial on how to do some of the things you are asking about.  Don't worry, you are not stupid and there are no stupid questions other than the one that goes unasked.  Hang in there, watch the video I made, and if you have more questions, just ask.  You can also feel free to send me a private message on this forum.  I have submitted the tutorial to this web site and when it goes through the review process, it will be posted here. 

In the mean time I have also posted it on YouTube so you can see it at this link:

Good luck