Ha ha ha childish Magix customer reply from Germany

nihon94 schrieb am 08.04.2010 um 18:06 Uhr
Believe me or not I got very childish reply from Magix.
I got download version of MMM 16 Premium, I wanted to buy more soundpools, I asked customer support for shipping cost if I buy in bulk what will be charges to Japan. Note: I paid to Magix USA. My product is registered.

What reply I got please read and bang your head or laugh.

"Thank you for your message.

We are sorry but we can not deliver from USA to Japan.
And there is no download version available.

If you want you can order on our UK site.
But there is no Soundpool pack available.

Best regards,

MAGIX Development GmbH
Postfach 200914
01194 Dresden"

I wonder then why did they sale download version, or did they tell me about discriminative Policy, if I buy they won't let me use soundpools so what is the use of Costly software Magix Germany?

I am going to post their reply on various blogs.


XXMerosticXX schrieb am 08.04.2010 um 18:35 Uhr
"Childish"? "Discriminative"? They don't ship from US to Japan. Many companies don't do that. You can buy download versions....so I don't really get your point.

Besides, I could imagine that there is some way. Online stores, other distribution channels, or something like that.
Lazerboy schrieb am 09.04.2010 um 11:03 Uhr

I do not understand you.

1. You can buy all Magix soundpools as download on www.catooh.com

2. You can buy every soundpool in Japan on amazon.jp

Believe me, Germans love Japanese. For sure that is no discrimination :-)