XXMerosticXX schrieb am 28.04.2010 um 16:43 Uhr
This sounds like they've played around with Elastic Audio....you can easily create such effects with it.

I received my monthly Samplitude newsletter with exactly that topic a couple of weeks (months?) ago.


As far as I know, Elastic Audio should be implemented in Music Maker 16 Premium as well.

Securityman schrieb am 28.04.2010 um 17:13 Uhr
 Thanks for answering this on XXMerosticXX. I too was looking for this effect and now I know where to get it.
XXMerosticXX schrieb am 28.04.2010 um 17:48 Uhr
You're both welcome :)
Procyon schrieb am 29.04.2010 um 02:46 Uhr
I've listened to this track over and over and over again, but I just don't get it.

Just what is this "effect" that we are supposed to be hearing and what does elastic audio have to do with it?