genelythgow schrieb am 04.07.2012 um 03:38 Uhr

Magix 'help' keeps telling me to export my movie to this site as a 'flash' file for optimal quality.  However, after an exhaustive search for exporting in that format, THERE IS NONE.  I have no idea who to export the video as Flash, which is important because I can't export ANY video to this sight anymore.  They all show up 'green'.  Hope somebody can help because the e-mail I got from Berlin just told me to export it as a flashplayer.????  


Is there a better way to share videos to this site than a direct upload?  If I upload to my online album, can I embed the video here from my site?  Maybe thats the issue.  Otherwise, I'm completely lost.  Peace!  Thanks to those who can help! -Gene


john-auvil schrieb am 05.07.2012 um 15:47 Uhr

It is a bit convoluted... when I share video files here at or really any online site, I export from the video editor as a .wmv file.

If you want to export out as the flashplayer then here is what I discovered.

Once you are in the 'File' > 'Export Movie' you will choose 'Video as MPEG-4...'. This opens the dialog for 'MPEG-4', in that dialog at the top there drop down (which should say "User Defined"), click there and in the list you will have:

Flashplayer 1280x720 H.264
Flashplayer 1280x720 H.264 HQ
Flashplayer 320x240 H.264
Flashplayer 1280x720 H.264 PAL
Flashplayer 1280x720 H.264 HQ PAL

Those are the only choices. I have not really used that before, I just noticed it was there.

I hope that helps.

gandjcarr schrieb am 05.07.2012 um 20:40 Uhr


john-auvil is definetly on the right track with his comments.  What I do is export my files as MPEG-4, then use a freeware application called "Any Video Converter " to convert the file to a "Flash Video Movie (*.flv)"  and so far have never had a problem.  Sometimes you may need a .swf file instead of a .flv file, and the application I mentioned before can do that conversion as well.

Good luck.