gandjcarr schrieb am 01.07.2014 um 16:34 Uhr

Hi, when I click on the link that you provided, this is what I see:

You have posted a page, but not a web site.Post a actual web site and then see if google adsense picks up on it.


gandjcarr schrieb am 02.07.2014 um 18:25 Uhr


Google Adsence has a very spefic protocol and set of policies in order for you to use it  see here:


Once you comply with their requirements (and I doubt that the site example you posted does), you need to paste or insert the Adsence code into your site.  I am not sure if website maker is able to do this but certainly Xara Web Designer can.  Remember, website maker is a pretty basic on line web publishing application and is not really designed to do anything to complex.  It is really designed to create simple web sites quickly.