tgfmusica schrieb am 10.01.2013 um 15:06 Uhr

buon pezzo rock, tgfmusica, Gianfranco, ciao.

Ehemaliger User schrieb am 10.01.2013 um 19:19 Uhr

ted good evening,

again a clean work from you, and I love the drums as such.

jorual schrieb am 11.01.2013 um 10:25 Uhr

Hi Ted,

Here are the Drums sounds cleaner, very good work.

Regards Jorual

tingel schrieb am 11.01.2013 um 19:34 Uhr

Hey Ted, good clean work with minimal instruments and no "soundcarpender", your Gitarre is well but the drums need to be a little bit more clear and dry... where is the bass??? sorry writing that, i´am not perfect too but this is why we are here or not? I like to hear mor Power from you the next time and I will listen... promise... best wishes Tingel

nicology schrieb am 12.01.2013 um 14:42 Uhr


this is a really good one. But indeed, need some more bass and more power in the drums. Nevertheless i hear it for the 2. time, cause it rcoks!