Rana schrieb am 21.01.2010 um 17:33 Uhr
 How true to be a true liar with an understatement like this

Give your exceptional track some nice covers - they rock.. and that's what I want from you..
siggi_s schrieb am 21.01.2010 um 18:00 Uhr

G Siggi
papajeff schrieb am 23.01.2010 um 12:30 Uhr
There are riffs enough. Good sound.
ArtistW schrieb am 25.01.2010 um 01:46 Uhr
He man, do not listen to that friend. 1 or 2 good riffs are really enough.
I like the music and the riffs (I do not say the are of the quality of for instance the riff in "Satisfaction" (Stones) but I like them).