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ZIGGI schrieb am 08.09.2008 um 20:04 Uhr
Thanks again Jan
Carolus_Magnus schrieb am 07.09.2008 um 19:04 Uhr
Please to be heard and thanks for your comment.
Best regards.

Sect.23 schrieb am 06.09.2008 um 21:13 Uhr
Hi Jan!
Thanks a million for listening!
Nice to see you here!
Guitarjams schrieb am 05.09.2008 um 22:36 Uhr
Hi Jan

Thanks so much for the review.
ZIGGI schrieb am 04.09.2008 um 18:37 Uhr
Hi Jan,
Many thanks my friend

Best Regards
Hydrogen65 schrieb am 04.09.2008 um 17:19 Uhr
Hi Jan,
I am happy to find you in this new community and....
I thank you for the visit and comment,

Ehemaliger User schrieb am 04.09.2008 um 14:17 Uhr
A_Williams schrieb am 04.09.2008 um 03:14 Uhr
Hi there Jinty! Thanks for the votes and kind words. Glad to see you in this new place....
Ehemaliger User schrieb am 03.09.2008 um 17:15 Uhr

Hello Jinty
Thank you very much for your nice comment and the stars!!
1000 kisses for you

Your friend, Roby

seraphin schrieb am 08.08.2008 um 20:06 Uhr
Thanks for your comment !!!