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PitchforkSB schrieb am 05.02.2014 um 20:33 Uhr

Danke fürs reinhören ;) ... VG

nateworm schrieb am 03.01.2014 um 13:16 Uhr

ty for your remark . and knowlage sO MM 16 has it  good to know . I was looking at getting MM mx 18 the scrrn shots look like they have it but hopeing i can get it verfied

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iam.upton schrieb am 30.12.2013 um 00:12 Uhr

I love japanese....but i don't know kanji only hiragana....

Frankie-Kay schrieb am 14.12.2013 um 00:56 Uhr

Arigatō my Friend 

liebe Grüße,



B59fly schrieb am 01.12.2013 um 09:44 Uhr

Thank you for the comment about Indian Rhapsody.


Frankie-Kay schrieb am 19.11.2013 um 14:05 Uhr


Thank you very much for your comments  My next Track on Magix is called "Nihon". Want you have a look at my homepage? Here is the link:



B59fly schrieb am 16.10.2013 um 18:21 Uhr

Hello Nihon

Thank you very much for your time and comment on my Video Extraterrestrial Meeting.



B59fly schrieb am 05.09.2013 um 13:05 Uhr

Hello Nihon

Thank you for watching "Crazy Electro Swing"



Ehemaliger User schrieb am 23.07.2013 um 14:37 Uhr

Ehemaliger User schrieb am 17.07.2013 um 12:34 Uhr

hi nihon alan here.

i tryed the method you told me about then restarted mm13 but it didnt work.

the silver synth just isnt working in mm13.

assuming i did it right.

i copyed the silver.syn to mm13 synth folder.

i copyed the ICON aswell.

but its not working.

never mind maybe its just compatible.

thank you for your help.