Saturday is alright for dancing - Live Club Mix

DJPatientX-AWAY escrito el 08.08.AM a las 02:53 horas
Etiquetas: Dance, Trance

This is my final dance club mix for now.............I am exhausted banging out these tunes, see you some time, need a rest. .Music produced by Patient X 2020

Dies ist mein letzter Dance Club Mix für den Moment ............. Ich bin erschöpft, diese Songs rauszuschlagen, wir sehen uns einige Zeit, brauchen eine Pause.😎👍🙏🍻


SilverFuchs escrito el 08.08.AM a las 04:43 horas

Hi Stephen my friend, I loved hearing the dancer. I wish you a relaxing break. Stay healthy. Greetings Gerd

Antiguo usuario escrito el 08.08.AM a las 04:47 horas

Top!!! Very Nice😀

Jochen-S escrito el 08.08.AM a las 08:06 horas

Hi Stephen my friend,
TOP, great dancer with an amazing sound... I liked it...👍👌👍🍺🍺🍺🍺
Greetings Jochen

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Siggi-M escrito el 08.08.AM a las 09:48 horas

that's a great mix.I love your dancers ... yeah 👌

Take a rest and come back quickly 😃.

Gruß Siggi

franco-galateo escrito el 08.08.AM a las 10:54 horas

electronic sound of the good quality.. track with very good rithmic


Jinty escrito el 08.08.PM a las 13:08 horas

Hello Stephen,

It's an excellent mix,I wish you a relaxing break!!!!!!!

All the best,


APMC. escrito el 08.08.PM a las 15:00 horas

APMC. escrito el 08.08.PM a las 15:04 horas

I wanted to go to this fantastic wave, this party of people screaming of happiness, a lot of joy, a thousand vibrations, happy and satisfied people, what a beautiful thing, if only everyone were happy like that every day, it never hurts to dream, no yes, I know it is my utopia, but I know that one day we will all win !!! Beautiful Music my Dear Friend Stephen, hugs from your Friend Paulo !!

poxa 😭 eu queria ir para essa onda fantastica, nessa festa de pessoas gritando de felicidades, muita alegria, vibração à mil, pessoas felizes e satisfeitas, que coisa linda, quem dera se todos estivem felizes assim todos os dias, nunca é demais para sonhar, não é mesmo, sei que é minha utopia, mas sei que um dia todos venceremos!!! Linda Musica meu Estimado Amigo Stephen, abraços de seu Amigo Paulo!! 😍😀😀😍😀😍😍😍💎💎🎩🎩💎💎🎩🎩🍀🍀👍🏻

h-rtl escrito el 08.08.PM a las 16:36 horas

Hello Stephen,

Making music takes a lot of strength and energy and after this dynamic dance excursion you deserve a break. the track has a lot of power and I really enjoyed hearing it.

all the best.....


Sandro_Glavina_LUELO escrito el 08.08.PM a las 17:13 horas

excellent job- ciao da sandro

smartsmurf escrito el 08.08.PM a las 21:41 horas 😁

DJCProject escrito el 08.08.PM a las 21:55 horas

Hallo Stephen,

Wow, cooler Clubtrack. Bei der Hitze, kann ich auch nicht schlafen, auch mache ich die Nacht durch mit unserem Track. Klasse. Sehr geil gemacht.😎👏👏👍👍❤️❤️

LG, Claas😎

Ps:Ja man muss auch ne Pause machen. Wünsche dir noch ne entspannte Zeit und ich hoffe, das wir zwischendurch beide in Kontakt bleiben.

Gustavo_Garcia_E. escrito el 09.08.PM a las 16:44 horas

Great powerful track! lot of fun.

melson escrito el 09.08.PM a las 16:49 horas

🐱 das ist ein sehr geiler song mit viel Bass und Lead.

Ganfo escrito el 09.08.PM a las 18:30 horas

Traccia ben costruita che ho apprezzato e ascoltato con piacere. Complimenti!

Ganfo 😎

Andy-K escrito el 09.08.PM a las 20:44 horas


Cooler Dancer. gut gemacht

LG Andy

ONEPART- escrito el 11.08.AM a las 07:17 horas


sehr geil.