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Hello HensyrWolf

I just read you comment on my arrangement of "Free Willy" and it made me laugh out loud!  You melted behind your desk?  Wow.  What a sight for your co-workers!

I agree with you that emotion plays a major role in music.  You can tell just by listening if the player or composer  feels what they are playing and it has a huge impact on the "likability" of the song. If the feeling is not there, then forget about making music. At least that is what I think.

Thanks for listening and I have a lot more "melting" songs if you care to listen 

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Herzlichen Dank für deine Viele Besuche und Kontakt anfrage, 

hat mich Sehr gefreut,

Lg, von dein Neue Musikfreund Joachim.

Mein Künstler name ist Spartano 301, meine Freunde nennen mich Joachim, meine Jahrelange Erfahrung in der Musik ist das abmischen ( Mastern ) der Musik.

Mein Musikstill ist sehr breit gefächert, Trance, Dance, Pop, und Rock.

Musik ist für mich ein wichtige Teil meines Lebens, und es macht Spaß immer neue Musiker kennen zu lernen,

lg, von Joachim.


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thank you very, very much for your nice comment on Criminal Law and thank you, for your time!



many greets


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thanks for the comments
I'm glad my music get to you
stay cool
Gilito lisbon

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het spijt me zeer maar ik ben niet oorspronkelijk nederlander .maar het maakt niet uit .google help wel .over muziek en magix ik weet ook niet veel.als ik kan helpen ,zal ik blij zijn . en ik hoop dat ik kan  uw muziek kenis gebruiken .
tot horen en succes met muziek maken.

I know nothing about music. Only listened .. Using technology also makes possible for me to be able to make music.

  I am also into photography amateur.

I'm not here for stars score but coment with advice for improvement of my music.

at my coment on music of others, I remain honest. this must be mutual .

I give my voice just as public and not as someone who knows something from music.

 I'm open to all criticism. I want to learn something



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Hallo , " HensyrWolf " ... Thank you for Visite to Song : " REM "  = " Traumphase "

Have A Nice Time and Weekend ... Gruß Oktave ( Andreas )

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Thank you, for your comment to The Ghost of Sitting Bull! And welcome to our community! I hope you have fun! This is the best community to showcase music! And it has a lot of nice people here! HAVE FUN!!

best wishes


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thank you
stay cool