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cmartin escrito el 02.10.PM a las 15:17 horas

cmartin schrieb am 02.10.2019 um 14:46 Uhr


Hast Du Interesse,Deine selbstkomponierten Songs im Radio zu hören und mit dem Moderator,sowie anderen Musikern zu chaten?!!! Dann hier der Link: http://artists4radio.de/

Würde mich sehr freuen,wenn Du dabei bist und Infos gibts auch über die Facebookseite!!!

LG Chris😊

Flazi escrito el 10.07.PM a las 20:11 horas

Hi Brian, yes time......all we need more. It`s ok when there nothing fits- no mather. Their was just examples. It was just intuition......only so

Your music is defnetly the best on this stage......and where ever else may be.

Thanks for your words and always head up ( yeeees, it`s easy to say but often don`t easy to do)

Lovley greets, Uwe🙆

TrishM escrito el 14.02.AM a las 02:12 horas

Hi Brian. Thanks for your comment on my song about the fascist pig who is currently in charge of the US. We would be better off with the devil himself running things. There is a great deal of hostility towards trump and his followers but also reason for hope because of ongoing protests across the world.

GBTraveller escrito el 02.05.PM a las 18:20 horas

Many thanks for visit Brian....i am happy you like it.

Greeting Freddy

Father_of_Joy escrito el 24.04.PM a las 15:38 horas

Hello Brian!

Thanks a lot for your laudatory words to my latest one 'Find A Reason'
I'm very pleased that you've enjoyed to listen to this song. 

Have a nice sunday!

TrishM escrito el 08.10.AM a las 06:50 horas

Hey Brian

Thanks for your comment on "Dream".  It was really nice and meant a lot, coming from someone with "thick skin" like you have .  Certain melodies or even just your mood effect the way you play.  Somedays nothings works and everything sounds like crap but the good days make up for the bad and we all keep plugging away trying to make good music, right?

So hearing really nice, sincere comments like yours makes my day.


Flazi escrito el 12.09.AM a las 00:11 horas


yyyes, I´m allive. But i think it will needs a few time to get the 100% if it´s reachable.

It was a hard time in the past. And when I say hard-----I mean it this way. To explain it were difficult.

My boody is burning the whole day. Shiffering..............I can`t tell you in words.

But be shure: If went through this shit....................don`t ask for sunshine......Wow to you o earth and see. For the devil sends the beast with rough because he knows the time is SHORT... What a question I think you know the lyric of " The number of the beast "

So Brian be cool and sty calm. Grüße aus Baden Württemberg, Uwe

VOXS escrito el 16.05.PM a las 17:47 horas

Hi Brian,

thanks a lot for your comment to "Bluesoul" - played by hand with heart and soul, you heard it :-)))

All the best - VOX

Antiguo usuario escrito el 04.05.PM a las 12:04 horas

Hi Ziggi

Thanks for your comment on  the collaboration song Rino and I did.  We both appreciate your listening  to it.


Father_of_Joy escrito el 01.05.PM a las 16:58 horas

Hello Ziggi,

thanks a lot for your feedback to 'in between' 

The opinion of such a great musician as you are, is an honor for me!

Best wishes, Achim