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alan-corns escrito el 07.08.AM a las 01:02 horas

🖐 hi alan its me alan...differnt name differnt account.

alan-corns escrito el 06.08.AM a las 11:40 horas

I AM BACK.!!!!

alan-corns escrito el 06.08.AM a las 10:51 horas

hey alan its me




















info4u2 escrito el 22.02.AM a las 00:20 horas

Hi Alan

Thanks for your comments on my track 'Earths Plea' this was the first song that I every written, which is about 6 years past now and I was putting lyrics down of my personal observations and thoughts. I was lucky enough to get Annie Afrilu to sing it for me, she also sorted the composition and all the players required to do a freebee for me.

I agree with your other comments about humans and as a member and an observer I can say that actions speak louder than words and human actions (overall effect of) shows that we are scrass and stupid to an extreme.

I also agree with you that humans are not able to, due to their ego's and basic nature (greed being only one aspect) to resolve or correct or do what is needed to live in this paradise in balance and harmony with nature, the provider.

We all have a lot to thank the Chinese for their one child policy which has been in place for 50 years and has given us some time, otherwise, today there would be aleast another 2 extra billion humans on this planet. This was the first sign that humans could implement the logically correct policies to resolve this overpopulation problem. Unfortunalety nobody else followed there example so we are where we are and has only delayed the inevitable!

If human's do not resolve this issue now (it maybe already to late!) then nature will do it for us and I suspect natures remedy will be swift and brutal, most likely with a mutated cross species virus that goes viral - Humans have no defence against a new viral virus to humans - ebola the latest outbreak was not quite fully viral in its transmittion - so now, it is only a question of when will it happen.

The majority of human's are totally ingnorant so when this criss breaks it will be so swift (faster then the Black death plague which wiped out two thirds of Europe within two years), that they will be dead before they realise what is happening.

What China's one child per family policy showed is that after 50 years of implementation their population did not increase but reduced their population by only 200 million. 50 years ago the population of China was 1.5 billion people and India 0.8 billion people - today's population of China is 1.3 billion and India 1.5 billion. Note that Indian population without the one child policy, over the same period more than doubled.

All the best



Gryami escrito el 19.02.PM a las 20:08 horas

Hi Alan,

I thought I'd drop you a line and refer you to a quote made by actor Patrick Mcgoohan, playing the part of King Edward in "Braveheart":

The trouble with Scotland is.......that it's full of Scots.

Leave it with ya. 


olivier28 escrito el 18.02.PM a las 18:30 horas

à ce que je vois vous avez des petits compagnons aussi  ..   COCO et BELLA

ils sont adorables

mon chien lui s'appelle BILOU



olivier28 escrito el 18.02.PM a las 18:27 horas

bonjour cornsy 2008

mon chien est un adorable bichon avec un chapeau sur la téte

c'est mon compagnon de tous les jours



olivier28 escrito el 18.02.PM a las 14:48 horas

Thank you very much



gilito escrito el 18.02.AM a las 02:22 horas

i know bro
this is one of the interesting parts of the music
meet people with the gift of knowledge sharing. humanity
requires humility and values that are losing over time.
it seems that these days the life of a human being has no value before
things defend themselves without any reason is the religious or monetary level.
today vanity and greed are the most rotten values of our society abhor any of them.
my music says as I am as a human being.
stay cool

gilito escrito el 18.02.AM a las 01:54 horas

thank you for attention and listen to my works
I try to convey through each composition which at the moment I will in the soul.
my music has nothing commercial there be a little strange .for that to me is special and I know that not everyone understands. use should be listening and decoding what is and the message.
which makes me completely happy is that people will like you that in my head and for your comments to my work  my message passing is understood
a hug my musical brother
all the best
stay cool