ITCHYPHOX Posté à 09/06/2019 01:00

Wicked tune. Cool for dancing & chilling. Awesome spacey synth sound. Excellent. 🙂✌️

GG. Posté à 09/06/2019 02:59

Extra spacey !, very well made


Jinty Posté à 09/06/2019 03:32

Super track,beautifully made!!!!!!

DJ_Wash-8aer. Posté à 09/06/2019 15:54

This one has style from Space (famous french band), like it!!!

Best washes!!!!! WASH 🖖🐼

HellRaiser Posté à 09/06/2019 17:21

Old style electro music with modern sound. I think, the varied drums are unusual for this genre, but very interesting. Good idea. Overall it sounds great, well done ❤️

DJ.Ernest.Bodor Posté à 28/06/2019 23:43

Hi - Very good music i like it 😊

Andy-K Posté à 10/07/2019 21:40


Not Bad. Very cool Melody. I like it.


LG Andy