GG plays Chopin- Nocturne Op. 27 -(For Brad's dad)

GG. Posté à 16/06/2019 01:14
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The liberation of Bastogne 26/12/1944
This dedication is for Brad's dad, who fought and liberated this Belgian city ....
Thanks to him Brad

With this interpretation of Chopin, I would like to pay tribute to the audacity and courage of all these American soldiers, their fight
from the very first hours during the Ardennes offensive against the attack and progression of the units of the 5th Panzer Army.

It was they, those soldiers of the 3rd Army who managed to disunite, slow down, deflect, then exhaust the power of the adverse wave. The resistance of all these men allowed reinforcements to reach Bastogne and considerably slow the advance of the German divisions in their progress towards the Meuse.

Very aptly, the Ardennes offensive can be called a battle of soldiers. That where for long days brave men fought to defend every meter of land to preserve their freedom. It is for this reason that the battle of the Ardennes belongs to them.

We do not forget them

Thanks for listen



APMC. Posté à 16/06/2019 02:03

Muito bem BRAVO novamente uma melodia serena e sensata, ótima de ouvir e fazer uma boa janta 😋

VeckStarling Posté à 16/06/2019 02:04

I have always enjoyed the Nocturnes and what a great dedication. I think you captured the sacrifice that was made by these men. Well done.

Sandro_Glavina_LUELO Posté à 16/06/2019 02:58

Muy bien

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Jinty Posté à 16/06/2019 03:03

Beautiful dedication and superbly played as always,Beautifully done!!!!!!!

Bradford-Alan-Davidson Posté à 16/06/2019 04:35

Thank you Maestro.This tribute is gorgeous and I thank you from my heart. I wish my father could have heard this professionally executed piece. No doubt it would have made him smile.I stand and applaud your great talent. Brad

GG. Posté à 16/06/2019 04:38


Thanks to him, Brad, It was an honor

Xanevik Posté à 16/06/2019 04:43

What an amazing dedication and performance!

horst-d Posté à 16/06/2019 11:21

excellent as always👍👏😊❤️♪♪♪

best regards  Horst😎
🎼 🎸 🎹 🎧 ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪

Cosmozentriker Posté à 16/06/2019 12:21

LG Paul

DJ_Wash-8aer. Posté à 16/06/2019 12:38



Jochen-S Posté à 16/06/2019 12:57

excellent!!! 👋👍👋

LG, Jochen😎

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luigi-vigliotta Posté à 16/06/2019 13:08

You have touched on one of the many dark moments in the history of humanity, where millions of people lost their lives due to the lust of a few madmen, we must not forget and we must not even allow it to happen again. In this nocturne, you have been able to express and impress upon the listener the drama and suffering of those moments; it's not about playing the piano and that's it ... here, with your way of playing, you have revived the memory of all of them.

Hai toccato uno dei tanti momenti bui della storia dell'umanità , dove per la brama di pochi folli , persero la vita milioni di persone  , non dobbiamo dimenticare e non dobbiamo neanche permettere che accada di nuovo .
In questo nocturne , hai saputo esprimere e imprimere  a chi ascolta , la drammaticità e la sofferenza di quei momenti ; non si tratta di suonare il piano e basta .... qui , con la tuo modo di suonare , hai fatto rivivere la memoria di tutti loro . 

totoneavis Posté à 16/06/2019 22:26

Bonsoir GG,

Morceau de choix, et bien interprété. Grand merci pour et à eux. Il est bon d'écouter de la musique classique. Merci

TrishM Posté à 17/06/2019 13:04

Your dedication adds to the beautifully executed emotions of the song, GG

My father was stationed in the Pacific as a medic during WWll. He never talked about his experiences in the war. He listened to classical music at home all the time and would have loved hearing this


Siggi-M Posté à 18/06/2019 21:34

Exellent and beautiful my musicfriend 👍❤️.

LG.Siggi !!

Maboe Posté à 20/06/2019 19:54

Yes, it´s not just a wonderful piano playing here, it´s also an important sign, even nowadays. I´m applauding to you and saying "Thank you so much!" to Brad´s dad. 👍


DJ.Ernest.Bodor Posté à 29/06/2019 01:48

Hi -  Beautiful piano song i like it 😊​​​​​​​

ITCHYPHOX Posté à 21/08/2019 02:02

Beautiful as always. The music doesn't just sound great it also paints a picture, tells a story, very poignant piece. Also I have to applaud you for the description sir. Something to think about as I listen to your amazing playing. Bravo sir, education through music. Excellent. 🙂✌️