GG plays - Nocturne No. 8 Op. 27/II - by Chopin

GG. Posté à 11/06/2019 21:17
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Hello musical friends,

Much of the work of Chopin, is around Piano as majority of the works are destined for the performance of solo piano. However, he has done many works for other instruments as well and he is considered, as one of the inspiring figures of the Romantic Period. His work Nocturne No. 8 Op. 27 No. 2 is among the series of works developed that are short in duration. As the name suggests this work is the eight of the total twenty one Nocturnes he wrote in his lifetime. The Nocturne is dedicated to Countess d’Appony as most of the performances of Chopin were done in the salon owned by the Countess.

The Nocturne No. 8 Op. 27 No. 2 is the only Nocturne written for a D-flat major. The piece was written in the year 1836 and was published in the year 1837 along with another Nocturne written by Frederic Chopin. The piece is very short in length and consists of only two strophes. Nonetheless, it has all the regular features like ornamentation, lyrical melody, broken-chord accompaniment and two voice figures. The ornamentation, especially, witnessed in this work is praised by many critics as one of the best in all of Chopin’s works.

The Nocturne No. 8 Op. 27 No. 2, as a matter of fact, all of the Nocturnes consist elements that appear to have come from Chopin’s inspiration from the classical music of Johann Sebastian Bach. But, the elements of inspiration are less in the Nocturne No. 8 Op. 27 No. 2, making the piece original, imaginative, elegant; hence, becoming a trademark work of Frederic Chopin. Many pianists, movie makers, music directors, etc. have adapted this piece by Chopin.

Have a sweet and peaceful moment of listening.....



Bradford-Alan-Davidson Posté à 11/06/2019 23:59

Sweet and peaceful indeed. So lovely and musically articulate. Professional execution. Another masterful performance from the Master. I am loading up my car for the long trip to Belgium. Bringing lots of wine and sour dough bread. I can sleep on the sofa and will not bother anyone. Thank you for another wonderful demonstration of your talent. Best wishes to you GG. B:A:D

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Jinty Posté à 12/06/2019 03:40

Superb as always,Thank you for sharing your talent,wonderful listening!!!!!!

VeckStarling Posté à 12/06/2019 04:07

Is there anything you cannot play on piano?? Another wonderful performance.

franco-galateo Posté à 12/06/2019 10:44

compliment performance of the piano is superb...beautiful song


Siggi-M Posté à 12/06/2019 12:04

Hello GG.

40 years ago,I would never have listened classically.Today,i am sitting in front of the computer,as if i am sitting in the piano concrt and listening to your beautiful music,Thank you !!!

LG.Siggi !!

horst-d Posté à 12/06/2019 12:10

What should I say? Perfect as always👍👏😊❤️♪♪♪

best regards  Horst😎
🎼 🎸 🎹 🎧 ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪

TrishM Posté à 12/06/2019 13:51

You seem to breath life into the songs that you play, GG and bring to the fore front the music of the masters whose music will endure forever

luigi-vigliotta Posté à 12/06/2019 16:44


In my life as a vagabond of disco music and black music, I have never studied classical music in depth, do you know when I started listening to it and enjoying the depth, sensitivity and delicacy of this music? FROM WHEN I HEAR YOU ... You are a great pianist, you have an unmistakable delicacy on the keys, whatever you play with the piano, it becomes magic, I respect you Master !!!


I hope google translated well ....

GG. Posté à 12/06/2019 18:25


Thank you so much for your lovely comments....


siggi_s Posté à 14/06/2019 00:23

Hey, ich Liebe Klavier,

sehr schön


Sandro_Glavina_LUELO Posté à 14/06/2019 09:39

dreaming music, so good for ear and soul.

I’m an italian composer: Sandro Glavina named L'Uomo e L'Ombra. In the period 2010-2016, L'Uomo e L'Ombra has done 50 albums. The compositions of Sandro Glavina are influenced by progressive rock, symphonic rock. Sandro has developed a personal style with many experimentations and actualizations. Sandro Glavina aka L'Uomo e L'Ombra plays the music using VSTI synthesizers, keyboards and adds some loops. Sandro isn't a professional musician, composes and plays music just for fun, but his works reach a good outcome, pleasant to listen. L'UOMO E L'OMBRA


Hubert-Steinmetz Posté à 28/06/2019 09:30

I start my day with this wonderful theme, very well done GG

Auseinklang Posté à 03/09/2019 19:14

Wonderful Work! 💯%