GG plays "Un Sospiro" By Liszt...

GG. Posté à 09/06/2019 21:19
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Interpretation of "Un Sospiro"(A Sigh) - In D Flat Major - by Franz Liszt ( A f* easy piece....😰)

Part 1 - A romantic reverie

The study begins with large "waves" of sixteenth notes in which a higher song emerges in the high notes. This feeling of waves and this air song plunges us from the first moments in a pure romantic Lisztian.

These large arpeggios, distributed between the two hands, will be found throughout the work.

Part 2 - The passion and the storm

This second part begins with the passion and "the storm" (measures 30 to 37 with an impetuoso nuance) before knowing a more pacified development (measures 38 to 52).

On the right hand, "staircase" semiquavers go up and down, recalling the arpeggios of the first part in a more virtuoso and "jerky" version. Over this semiquaver, the left hand dominates with octaves and chords in the bass, which recreates the motif of the main theme of the work.

Part 3 - Back to the dream

We then find the theme in a nuance piano and dolce, but still restless, a poco più mosso.

By his motives, Liszt will create here a real impression of magic.

To conclude…

This study "Un Sospiro" is a real invitation to dream. At all times, Liszt creates an impression of suspended time.
A reverie of all times, a "sigh", but a sigh long and full of meaning.



DJ_Wash-8aer. Posté à 09/06/2019 21:22

Swimmingpool + your musik = Wash_8aer happy!!!!!

Best washes!!!! WASH 🖖🐼

TrishM Posté à 09/06/2019 22:44

Loved it !! It was amazing and played with passion and grace. Quite possibly my favorite of yours so far. There were parts that reminded me of Ravel but also Gershwin so perhaps they were influenced by Lizst? It's been too many years since I had music history courses!



luigi-vigliotta Posté à 09/06/2019 23:07

.... le tue dita si sono trasformate in centinaia di farfalle , che con le loro ali , sfiorando i tasti , hanno prodotto questo meraviglioso brano , mi sono venuti i brividi , mentre ascoltavo la musica , guardavo la foto della piscina , mi immaginavo di vedere gocce di pioggia che cadendo , formavano cerchi concentrici che si urtavano tra loro ... non so se Lizst voleva questo , ma ti assicuro che ti sta applaudendo .....


.... your fingers have turned into hundreds of butterflies, that with their wings, touching the keys, have produced this wonderful song, I got the chills, while I listened to the music, I looked at the photo of the pool, I imagined myself to see raindrops falling, forming concentric circles that collided with each other ... I don't know if Lizst wanted this, but I assure you that she is applauding you .....

Bradford-Alan-Davidson Posté à 10/06/2019 00:37

This is just a masterful work of beautiful and enchanting. You have been greatly blessed to have such talent and emotional expression. Love this. Can I come to your house and watch? I do not eat much and I will be quiet. Hope you are well. B:A:D

Xanevik Posté à 10/06/2019 06:15

What a wonderful track to end my day and night with. Your songs always take me to a pleasant place to sit back and let it all go. I will dream. Thank you

horst-d Posté à 10/06/2019 14:06

great piece of music played very beautifuly👍👏😊❤️♪♪♪

best regards  Horst😎
🎼 🎸 🎹 🎧 ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪

Siggi-M Posté à 10/06/2019 15:11

so beautiful !!!!! my heart will go on !!

Jinty Posté à 10/06/2019 22:27

Wonderful playing, beautiful and relaxing, I've enjoyed listening to it!!!!!

ITCHYPHOX Posté à 10/06/2019 22:53

Amazing. Trickling keys tickling my ears. Beautiful playing & a wonderful description too. Man you even have a swimming pool too lol that's cool. Truly special stuff. Cheers 🙂✌️

APMC. Posté à 13/06/2019 02:18

nossa que música boa de escutar, irei salvar no meu HD, depois passar para meu peni.. opa, pendriver, e colocar na TV da minha Mãe para ela relaxar e ouvir para ela ninar... gostei da passagem de relaxamento para um ritmo totalmente diferente, Música indescritivelmente lindíssima!!!!

GG. Posté à 13/06/2019 09:35


Thank you so much for your lovely comments...

DJCProject Posté à 15/08/2019 22:33

Hi GG,

wirklich eine sehr schöne Klassische Musik. Das gefällt mir sehr sehr gut. Das hat mir sehr gut gefallen.Weiter so. 💯💯👏👍

LG, Claas🙂