VeckStarling Posté à 31/05/2019 03:40

I'm not normally one to listen to Techno and Dance, but this is why you shouldn't dismiss something based on a label. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece especially the way it developed throughout.

Xanevik Posté à 31/05/2019 06:26

I can tell from the very start I am going to love this track. It is building and I am loving it more and more. Excellent Melodys and chords threw out so far. Yeah man this is a joy to listen to. Love it!

Jinty Posté à 31/05/2019 08:13

This is a great track,you've done extremely well.....

Cosmozentriker Posté à 31/05/2019 08:39

LG Paul

franco-galateo Posté à 31/05/2019 09:41

good.. track interesting


Siggi-M Posté à 31/05/2019 15:56

yes,very good !!!!

DJ_Wash-8aer. Posté à 31/05/2019 20:05


Best washes!!! WASH 🖖🐼