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ideewick Posté à 07/06/2020 12:52

DJ.Ernest.Bodor Posté à 06/06/2020 14:42

when I have time I will send you a video of how it is done

DJ.Ernest.Bodor Posté à 06/06/2020 14:40

Soundpool all Tags: Ambient, Synthpop, Pop, Easy listening, Chill out, Classical rock pop - sounds search raffle different types of sounds Pop ambient Rock Pop Classic Pop and so on and you compose beautiful music from it 😉🎼🎹🎸🎻

DJ.Ernest.Bodor Posté à 06/06/2020 13:37

Hi - Thanks for commenting on the music 😀
DJ. Ernest Bodor - Synthpop Ambient Mix 2 Music Demo

DJPatientX Posté à 03/06/2020 22:11

Thank you Paulo for leaving kind comments on my latest two songs. cheers.👍

Without music, life would be a mistake” ― Friedrich Nietzsche. Ohne Musik wäre das Leben ein Fehler “- Friedrich Nietzsche

Siggi-M Posté à 01/06/2020 09:25

MMMMHHH delicioso Paulo,thank you 🍓🍇🍒🍍🍹🍹🍹


SilverFuchs Posté à 01/06/2020 00:34

Obrigado por seus bons comentários e por ouvir minhas faixas. 

Saudações de Stralsund Alemanha SilverFuchs

born67 Posté à 31/05/2020 09:50

Thank you for your positive feedback 😀

ChevalierDeSangreal Posté à 31/05/2020 01:20

Today's music is based on classical music. Without it, today's music might not exist.
Thanks for your comment.

many Greetings

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer: Meeting Laura

Orchestra: Berliner Philharmoniker, Soprano Vocals: Chen Reiss, Conductor: Sir Simon Rattle, Composer: Johnny Klimek, Composer: Reinhold Heil, Composer: Tom Tykwer

ideewick Posté à 28/05/2020 17:15