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MuggeMaker ha scritto il 30.10.2015 ore 16:36

Thank you, Diego!

Edi-no1 ha scritto il 24.09.2015 ore 19:20

Ciao Diego,

Molto grazie per il tuo commento so "relax"



Mondschwester ha scritto il 12.07.2015 ore 18:35

Hi there!

Thank you for your nice comment (and the very big stars) on Mugges and my song "The Bridge"!
We are very happy that you liked the song!!!

All the best!

Vecchio utente ha scritto il 11.07.2015 ore 23:34

Hi Diego

I appreciate you always listening to my music and writing a comment.  You are very dependable and it's very thoughtful of you.  

And of course you take the extra time to make a nice backdrop for your 5 stars 


Vecchio utente ha scritto il 03.07.2015 ore 22:14

HI Diego

Thanks for those BIG STARS.. You know how much I like them!


Edi-no1 ha scritto il 02.07.2015 ore 21:02

Hi Diego,

Thank you very much  for listening to "soothing time" and 5 big stars that's so nice. I appreciate it.



Vecchio utente ha scritto il 30.06.2015 ore 12:47

Hi Diego:

Many, many thanks for listening to the song.  And, thanks for that really cool "applause" effect.

Have a terrific week!


Vecchio utente ha scritto il 25.06.2015 ore 19:04

AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!  You remembered!

AND the APPLAUSE TRACK!  How cool is THAT?  Very cool indeed.

Thanks Diego.  I appreciate all of your accolades.


MuggeMaker ha scritto il 22.06.2015 ore 22:26

Thank you very much!

I'm glad you like it.

guentersiegert ha scritto il 19.06.2015 ore 11:04

Thank you for listening to our Countrysong and for your feedback!