[Release] Movie Edit Pro – Start a new adventure in film

MAGIX_Redaktion schreef op 04.09.2017 om 14:45 uur

Dear Community,

We are proud to present the latest version of Video Deluxe / Movie Edit Pro to you today.

The new update offers you numerous new functions, effects, and improvements to performance. For example, you will discover fluid, real-time video playback up to 5 times faster – thanks to Intel GPU hardware accleration. Additionally, you can now edit your 4K and 360° projects with up to 200 multimedia tracks.

Experience the close collaboration between loyal users and MAGIX developers behind the creation of all these improvements as well as many others in the new version of Video Deluxe / Movie Edit Pro.

You can find more information on the Movie Edit Pro product page.

Best regards



SaschaNafti schreef op 06.09.2017 om 20:35 uur


pmikep schreef op 07.09.2017 om 21:16 uur

"Experience the close collaboration between loyal users and MAGIX developers..." I think this News article was edited, because it used to say something about 70% of Magix users requesting more collaboration with Intel.

My comment here is that this is not a good metric. Ever since MEP 2017, Magix has been turning away those of us with old AMD processors but new Nvidia GPU's that can encode in hardware. So it wouldn't be unusual for 70‰ of Intel users to want more.

Since MEP 2018 continues this path, I expect that only Intel users will be using MEP from here on out. So, soon 100‰ of Magix users will want more for their Intel processors. But 100‰ of Intel users is not 100% of the market.

As I said, not a good metric. Especially with AMD's Ryzen (and Zen2).

chistine-berrebi schreef op 15.10.2017 om 00:23 uur

j ai la version magix de luxe+2017

Lors de l utilisation de l element de transition feuillete , la sequence video qui precede devient muette apres fermeture de l ordi , la version semble instable malgré la sauvegarde effectuee

Par ailleurs il est impossible d annuler ou de travailler la bande son car elle est invisible !!!!!!!! Comment faire

pour remplacer la bande son d origine ??????????????