Elastic Audio in 2013 Edition?

Andyi asked on 05/13/2013, 08:01 AM

Has this feature been removed from the program or am I just missing something?

Here is a screen shot of the vocal effect options I have.  I'm using Version


Go up to the Help files....top middle of MM screen and open...type in Elastic Audio...your welcome 

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Andy - Thanks for the screenshot, but when you post a screenshot of the entire desktop, we can't read anything.  Please crop the pic to a smaller area and possibly enlarge the image if necessary.  Thanks.

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Go to top and link onto Effects, then open Audio, then open AudioEffects, next panel shows Elastic Audio, or S key for shortcut......but you have to have some sort of file in the pipeline to get this far...you just can't open ElasticAudio all by its lonesome  


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