Procyon wrote on 14/01/2011, 14:37

Since you don't have a specific question, I'll have to assume you are confused about its basic functioning.


As you can see, whenever you open LIVID, it creates a new object in the arranger.  To sample the different styles (Pop, Rock, Latin, Funk), you need to click PLAY on the arranger transport (play controls).


On the left, you can choose the Style (Pop, Rock, Latin, Funk) you want to use.  Then, on the right you can choose from intro's, verse's, chorus, breaks, outro's, and fill-in's.  You have the choice of four different Types of each using the numbered buttons under the Style on the left side.


When you find the one you want to use, close the LIVID synth.  Adjust the object to the length desired on the arranger.


Then, set the red start marker to the end of the first object.  Open LIVID once again.  A new object will be created at the end of the first one.  Again choose the style and riff you want to use and close LIVID.


Repeat this process as many times as necessary to complete your rhythm track.


If you want to change any particular object, click on the object menu and click on Synthesizer to reopen LIVID.  Make the change and close LIVID when finished.


The other controls are pretty much self-explanatory,  Play with them for a little bit and their purpose will become evident.