How to import music and make a remix

Ushuaia wrote on 12/01/2019, 01:49

Hey Everyone,

I have been using Magix Music Maker Premium for about 6 months. How can I re-mix someone elses song? Is there a way to import a song from my iPhone (iTunes) into Magix and then remix it? Or at least bring in the lyrics from a song and then put my own beat to it? I want to upload popular EDM songs and then make a remix to them. Any advice would be appreciated. I have been making my own stuff for about 6 months and want to try something different.


Nickillus wrote on 12/01/2019, 17:46

I was reading something in the current ComputerMusic magazine about how to isolate vocals from a track, which might deliver something of what you are asking. However it didn't necessarily sound like something Music Maker might have the right tool set for, nor did I fully understand it. Something about overlaying two different versions, reversing the phase of one . . . . . . . and there it lost me.


However you can also go another route, which is to look at sites like, which runs competitions to remix tracks. It's looking a lot less active on that front recently, but keep an eye out there and you'll find downloadable stems, often including vocals to play with. Read the rules carefully though because copyright for the tracks and restrictions about how and where you put your remixes do apply. Splice runs similar things.

Ushuaia wrote on 14/01/2019, 16:14

Thanks for the help!  I did see something about that in the past.  But, I couldn't figure out how to download the stems and put them in Magix.  Have you done that before?