Import Movie > Use Properties as Project Settings..? Smart Rendering?

Tesityr wrote on 12/02/2019, 06:43

Just wondering if it is possible in Movie Edit Pro Plus, to Import a Video Clip and have the Properties of the Clip immediately become the Settings for the Project. For example, importing a 1280x720p, 8000kbps video - resulting in a way to 'set' the Project settings to that - 1280x720@8Mbps.

Looking around, I do not see a way to do this.

I know that I can look at the Properties of the Video clip beforehand (in the Import area browser) and then set the Project/Movie settings to match; but I am wondering if there is a way that the Project settings can automagically 'match' what the first-imported clip is...


If I may add to that, my reason for asking is then: would it be possible to align the Project Settings to the Video Clip settings, then 'cut out' a piece of the video utilizing "Smart Encoding/Rendering" - where it would then not have to 'recompress' that portion of the video being Exported..? The result would be a portion of the original clip being one-step 'cut out' of the original, longer clip.


Thanks for any input


johnebaker wrote on 12/02/2019, 12:30


. . . . . importing a 1280x720p, 8000kbps video - resulting in a way to 'set' the Project settings to that - 1280x720@8Mbps... . . . .

Assuming that you are going to export to the same resolution, the project settings should be set to the appropriate resolution option. The bitrate is set/determined by the export settings you use no the project settings.

However - if you are looking to export at a different resolution to the source video then it is better to set the project settings to the export resolution you are going to use - this avoids potential positioning issues when resizing from one resolution to another

. . . . Smart Encoding/Rendering . . . .

In a nutshell there are too many 'ifs and buts' in getting these options to work satisfactorily that they are not worth bothering with - this has been extensively covered in this topic here and many other topics - a summary is here


John EB


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Scenestealer wrote on 12/02/2019, 23:57

"then 'cut out' a piece of the video utilizing "Smart Encoding/Rendering"


I agree with everything John has said especially regarding the hit and miss nature of Smart Copy and Smart Rendering, but if you would like to try...….

You may not be aware that by clicking on the play symbol on the object in the media pool you can then pause it in the preview monitor and then set in and out points (using the bracket symbols below the monitor) for the piece you want to cut out. You can then drag the monitor picture down to the timeline and it will add just the trimmed picture.

From there you can attempt to match an export template and advanced settings to as close as possible to your clip properties and choose Smart Copy in adv. settings.


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browj2 wrote on 13/02/2019, 00:10


Normally, if the first clip that you try to import is not the same as the project settings, a message will pop up asking if you want to keep the project settings or adjust the import to the project settings.

As it seems that you're new to MEP (but not video editing), you may want to take a look at my Basic Editing 1 and 2 tutorials, where you'll get an overview of the main tools and the import methods.

John CB

Tesityr wrote on 13/02/2019, 02:50

Thank you very much for all the very knowledgeable input!

Yes, it's not a 'big thing' to have - I was just wondering if I could use MEP to do some quick Cuts to a longer Video and save those quickly as portions of the whole. It is definitely not something 'needed' and not a slight against MEP at all if it is not possible...


I did a few tests with SmartCopy/SmartRender and it seems to only work when importing MPEG-2 material and rendering out to MPEG-2... When mixing in MPEG-4 clips, whether Rendering to MPEG-2 or MPEG-4, it does not seem to function and takes longer to Render output.

More obviously, when importing MPEG-2 and allowing the Project to Adjust to the MPEG-2 clip, MEP 'greys out' (locks) the Resolution and Framerate options in the "Export Move to MPEG video..." options/settings. Then also, the Rendering time seems shorter [as would be fitting for Smart Rendering].


@browj2 , yes I am new to MEP and definitely in need of watching your and MAGIX' helpful Tutorials - thank you for the reminder haha 🎓