Soundforge 12.1 plug in chain is unusable

Bearlee wrote on 11/02/2019, 22:17

I have been having problems with plugins failing to load on boot up among other things. The biggest problem is trying to create a plug in chain. If I create a chain and then open a plugin to view its parameters, play back stutters, and runs slow and often crashes requiring a reboot. It appears the implementation of VST 3 and 64 bit processing has rendered this software almost unusable to me. I have reinstalled Sound forge 11 and the same plugins, in 32 bit form, work perfectly. I feel as if I have wasted the upgrade money I spent. This is not a random event. It happens every time I use the program and is easily duplicated. I would be happy to co-operate with Magix so they can fix this but it should happen sooner rather than later. Its one thing when users requests take time to get implemented but, IMHO, Sound forge 12 should never have been released running the way it does. For what its worth, this is not a hardware issue. I get exactly the same response on 2 different machines running Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 home respectfully. Please tell me there is a fix on the NEAR horizon.


rraud wrote on 12/02/2019, 21:12

Exactly what VST-3 plug-ins are causing problems? Can you use VST-2 versions if available. SF does not support VST instruments.

This forum is basically a peer-to-peer discussion group so correspondence with MAGIX should be done through technical support or customer service.

Bearlee wrote on 13/02/2019, 20:19

Waves L1 and Renaissance compressors plugins are definitely culprits as I use these a lot. Other plugs have caused issues as well and if doesn't matter if its VST-2 or VST-3. The problem appears related to the plugin managers handling of multiple plugins running with the parameters window open. These same plugins work perfectly in SF 11 32 bit. I have been in contact with Magix support. They indicated they are aware of the issue and have passed it on to the development group but so far, no updates, no action, just a very disappointing program. I have been using SF as a mastering tool for as long as I can remember. I have been forced to go back to SF 11 . Sorry for the rant, I,m just very disappointed.


rraud wrote on 14/02/2019, 18:24

As support stated, it is a known issue with some of the Waves plug-ins. Same issues with Waves in Vegas Pro, though VP does not currently support VST-3..

"Sorry for the rant, I'm just very disappointed".
> You are not alone!