RaveyDavey wrote on 8/9/2019, 3:47 PM


Which driver are you using? I use a different controller but with the asio4all v2 driver -

Are you using the Piano default with your controller?

What version of MM are you using? Is it premium,plus or free? 2020,2019 or earlier?

If your version supports VSTS, have you disabled them during your testing? Are you using any other hardware during your testing? If Yes, disable any additional sound hardware and just use the bare bones sound card on your PC.

Can you send screen shots of your program audio/midi settings?








Pawe-Mulewski wrote on 8/22/2019, 6:14 AM

Nie chce mi się już pisać po angielsku. Ten program to jest jakiś dramat i szkoda mi tyko wydanych pieniędzy i poświęconego czasu i nerwów. Tu nigdy nic nie działa jak powinno. Z midi jest non stop problem. Jak mu się chce to klawisze działają, zależy jak mu czapka stoi. Jak przez przypadek zniknie jakieś okno to potrzeba tygodnia żeby w ogóle powrócić do fabrycznych. Kończę z tym programem bo to szkoda czasu i na pewno nie wart wydanych pieniędzy.

RaveyDavey wrote on 8/22/2019, 2:50 PM

I'm afraid only Polish speakers will understand your latest post.


Pawe-Mulewski wrote on 8/28/2019, 3:58 PM


Ok, I will try to describe the situation. I have a premium version. And from the very beginning I have a problem with this program. I do not work with sounds from the loop but with the instruments. But always when I start the program the midi controller does not work. In my case it's Alesisi vmini. And sometimes I have to combine settings with up to half a day. each time these settings are different and the program does not remember it 1 problem and probably the most annoying to me because comparing to FL studio where I have no problems. After updating to the 2020 version because it did not give me peace and every time when I turned on the program appeared info so I decided to update. The design was shimmering and I have not been trying for midi for a week now and nothing. Instruments even without a mini do not work even with an instrument demo. As you can see, this is why I regret spending money on this program because it is all trouble and a waste of time. Maybe in Germany the cost of this program is small but in Poland it is almost a month's income. I do not recommend because it seems to me that it is an unfinished toy for pulling people.

Pawe-Mulewski wrote on 8/28/2019, 4:11 PM

Currently, there is a version after the update, but each time it requires a version code from me. When I enter the code I received for my version, I have information that the code is incorrect. So as you can see I can cancel this program because it will lead me to white fever.