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Anchoring objects

What is an anchored object?

An anchored object is any object (e.g. a photo or graphic) which is tied (anchored) to a position in some text, so that as the text moves as a result of editing, the object moves as well to remain in the same relative position. This allows you to link graphics and photos to text.

How do I anchor an object?

  1. Right-click the object you want to anchor and select "Anchor to text". A red symbol which looks like an upside-down T will appear with a gray line connecting it to an anchor symbol in the upper left corner of the object.
  2. Using the selection tool or text tool, drag the anchor symbol outside of the object to a position in the text you want to anchor the object to. The red symbol shows the current anchor position.
    As you edit and move the text around the current anchor position, the anchor point and the anchored object move with it.
    If you drag the anchor symbol to a position where there is no text, the symbol becomes a red anchor with an X next to it to indicate that the anchoring properties of the object will be discarded if you release the anchor symbol.
  3. To edit the object's anchoring properties, right-click the object and select "Repelling & Anchoring". A dialog will appear where you can configure how the object is anchored.

"Move vertically only" is set by default to ensure that the object retains its horizontal position when the text is edited. 
To allow the object to move horizontally with the text, disable this option. Doing this can be useful if the object is roughly the same size as the text block, or if you want the object to stay between specific words or in a specific position in a sentence.