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Applying a mouseover effect to navigation bars

The NavBars included in the Designs Gallery already come outfitted with a mouseover effect.
To add a mouseover effect to your own NavBars, follow these steps:

  • Right-click the NavBar and select "Edit navigation bar".
  • Click "Ungroup to edit graphics".
  • Click on the mouseover layer on your page and expand the layer.
  • Click on the eye icon to make the mouseover layer visible.

Hidden: eye is closed
Visible: eye is open

You should now see multiple groups, one for each button on the NavBar.

Important: You only need to edit the first button on the NavBar. 

  • Click on the group for the first button.
  • Expand the button's elements.

Buttons are composed of one form element and one text element.

  • Select the form and then select "Set fill color" in the color line below.

Check to make sure the color of the button has changed. When you're satisfied with how the button looks, regroup the NavBar.

  • To do this, select all the buttons in the NavBar.
  • Right-click the first button and select "Create Navigation Bar".
  • Select "All buttons the same" and click "Create".

Check the results in the preview. 

Don't forget that the mouseover layer is still visible. To hide the layer again, click the eye icon.

There may also be a transparency on top of the group which can affect the way the color change looks.