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Automatically update objects

Web Designer allows you to update objects which appear on multiple pages at once. For example, if you edit a logo or change its position on one page, your changes are automatically applied to the logo on all other pages it appears on.

To take advantage of this feature, use the "Repeating Object" property. With this object property, when you add an object to one page, it is automatically added to all other pages in the exact same position. Changes made to the object are automatically applied to all copies of the object on other pages.

Most headings in the Designs Gallery, as well as NavBars, are already outfitted with this property.
Web Designer also makes it possible to create your own repeating objects.
To do this, select the object you want to repeat and go to "Arrange" > "Repeating object" > "Repeat on all pages".

The object will now be placed on each page of your document, in exactly the same position.

To make changes to an object without having these automatically applied to all object copies, turn "Repeating Object" off again.