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Creating and editing NavBars

Xara Designer Pro and MAGIX Web Designer provide specialized support for NavBars, which makes adding, editing and deleting navigation buttons easy.

Click HERE to watch a video tutorial about NavBars.

The Designs Gallery contains a large selection of NavBar templates which you can start using right away. 

To place a NavBar on your page, simply drag and drop it from the Gallery.
You can also replace existing NavBars by dragging and dropping new ones onto them. The old NavBar's text, links and submenus are automatically applied to the new NavBar.

To open the NavBar dialog, either double-click the NavBaror right-click it and select "Edit Navigation Bar" from the context menu.

How can I copy a NavBar to all the pages in my document?

When you add a NavBar to your document, it is automatically added to all new pages.

If you want to add a NavBar to all the existing pages in a multipage document, simply select the NavBar and go to "Arrange" > "Repeat on all pages".
Alternatively, you can also enable the "Site Navigation Bar" option in the NavBar dialog field.

The "Site Navigation Bar" option turns on automatic linking, which means that the appropriate buttons and links are automatically added to the NavBar as you add new pages to your document.

Any and all changes you make to the NavBar are applied to each page of your website when you close the NavBar dialog.

Navigation buttons are arranged on the NavBar in the same order as the pages in your document. If you change the order of the pages in the Pages & Layers Gallery, the new order is automatically applied to the buttons on the NavBar.

How do I create my own NavBar?

  • To create your own NavBar, start by placing button objects on your page. Now, select the objects and go to "Arrange" > "Create Navigation Bar".
  • The "Navigation Bar Properties" dialog provides options for configuring your NavBar.
  • Click the "Menu Style" button to change the look of your menu.

For more detailed instructions and information, please refer to the program help.