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Creating graphic and bullet lists

Can I style my bullets and numbered lists?

The ability to include fancy graphical designs for the "bullet character" and the number at the start of bulleted or numbered lists was introduced in version 8 and can make a significant improvement in the presentation quality of any list.

How do I use my own graphics as bullets or numbers?

To draw your own bullet and number designs, use one of the standard vector editing tools.

  • To create a number graphic, simply place a single text item in the desired position (usually center).
  • Group the elements together.
  • Now, copy the elements to the clipboard with the text tool.
  • Right-click your list and select "Paste as list bullet" or "Paste as list number".
  • All the bullets or numbers in your list will now be replaced by the graphic you created.

Pressing the Tab key creates a new indented sub-list, which can be assigned its own bullet or number graphic.

Can I specify the numbering scheme and the starting number in my list?

To manually configure the number format and starting number, right-click the list with the text tool and select "List properties"

Are there any premade bulleted or numbered lists I can use?

A selection of bullet and number styles can be found in the Designs Gallery under "Page Elements" > "Graphic Elements" > "Bullets and numbers".

You can also link two lists to each other in order to insert gaps, graphics and other sections of text in the middle of your lists without interrupting the numbering. 

To link two lists, right-click the second list and select "Numbered list properties".

Enable "Link to previous numbered list" to link the lists.