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Ensure best software performance when working on big projects

If working on large projects with many dozen pages and hundreds of pictures you might experience a progressive degradation of the software performance.
The following steps will help you manage the issue.

  1. Optimize the pictures used in your project by clicking on “Utilities > Optimize all images".
  2. If your project contains embedded videos you should replace them with links to Youtube/Vimeo etc. 
  3. Check your project on a regular basis to see what is out of date and can be deleted from the page. 

With very large projects even applying those few suggestions wont save you from experiencing a decreasing performance.
In such cases you will have to split your project into multiple "*.web" files:

  1. Open your project and go to "File -> Save as".
  2. Rename your project by adding 02 at the end of his filename (mywebsite02.web).  

You now have 2 identical files, your original project file (mywebsite.web) and your renamed file ending with 02(mywebsite02.web). 

  1. Open your project ending with 02 and delete the first half of the pages contained in the project.
  2. Now save the file and close it.
  3. Open your original project file and delete the second half of the pages contained in the project .
  4. Now save the file and close it.

You now have 2 files that make up your whole website.
The original project file contains the first half of pages whilst the project file ending with 02 contains the second half of pages.
Please keep in mind that now the pages making up your website aren't all in the same project  file. To link to pages that are saved in the other half of the project, you will need to type the page name into the "Link to Web" field via the menu  "Web Properties".

After completing your website, create a new folder to export your project files to.

  1. Export both project files to the same export folder ensuring that neither page of the two project files has the same name, otherwise they would overwrite each other causing problems when publishing the site.
  2. Browse your files locally and make sure that all links are working properly (after any corrections save the project again and re-export it).