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  • . Technical problems / Error messages

Error code 1618 indicates a problem with the installer.

  1. Check in the Windows Control Panel under Windows Updates to ensure that no installations are currently being performed.
  2. Open the command prompt (in the bottom left corner on the Windows symbol) and search for "cmd". 
  3. Right-click with the mouse on cmd.exe and select in the "Run as an administrator..." from the shortcut menu that appears. 
  4. Enter the following: msiexec /unregister  
  5. Press Enter and then enter the following: msiexec /regserver  
    Then, press Enter again. 
  6. Now you can close the window and start the installation again.

Please download the "Process Explorer" from the following Microsoft website and unpack the file:

  1. Open the downloaded file "procexp.exe" by right-clicking and choosing the option "Run as an administrator".
  2. In the Explorer application, press Ctrl+F and enter the following: "msiexecute" (without quotation marks) – then press Enter.
  3. A list of processes should then appear, which are currently performing an installation.
  4. Click on an entry and this will be selected in the main window (marked gray). 
  5. Now, right-click on the selected entry in the main list and select "Kill Process". Confirm by pressing "OK", if necessary.
  6. Repeat this step for all msiexecute processes that are running.

Once finished, you can close the "Process Explorer" and start the MAGIX program installation again.