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Feathering on bitmap exports

One of the following image problems may occur when exporting a file in bitmap format:

  • The edges are fuzzy.
  • A white line appears around the edges.
  • The edges are slightly to very blurry.
  • The image dimensions are not the same as in the program.

These problems are typically caused by rounding errors which occur when objects in the program contain half pixels. To resolve this issue:

  • Check to make sure the dimensions of the object (e.g. a rectangle) are exact down to the pixel, i.e. only whole numbers are used for the height and width (e.g. 5 instead of 5.5).
  • Do not use outlining.
  • It can also help to use the anti-aliasing options in the "Bitmap Size" tab in the Export dialog box. Enabling "Minimize visible anti-aliasing" typically works best.