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At the beginning of your SEO activities it is important to think about which keywords potential visitors could use to get to your homepage. Think strictly from the visitors' point of view. Use the Internet service Google Insights to find out which search terms (keywords) are currently "googled" particularly often in your region.Based on these keywords you write the texts for your website. 
Make sure that your keywords and word combinations appear as frequently as possible in the text.

The search engines process your meta tags during a search, including the title of the page (approx. 60-70 characters), the summary (approx. 150 characters) and the search words (max. 5 search terms). 
The meta tags should refer to the content of your website and be meaningful. 

Entering Meta Data in Web Designer

In MAGIX Web Designer, you insert the meta tags via the "Web Settings" dialog in the "Website" tab (for the global page) or in the "Page" tab (for the respective subpages of the website).

SEO Checklist

  • Find the right keywords for your website.
  • Enter title, description and tags for your homepage.
  • Match your meta tags with the content of your homepage.
  • Register a domain that contains important keywords in the domain name.
  • Write regular blogs including links to your homepage and communicate via social networks.
  • Post your homepage on other websites, forums, communities, blogs, etc.
  • Submit your homepage to search engines, web catalogs and web directories.