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How can I change the object colors in a project?

How do I re-color a group object?

  • Drag and drop a color from the Color Line on to the object.
  • Select the object and simply click a color on the Color Line. 

When you drop a color on an object you see a new dialog, asking which color in the object you want to replace with the new color.

  • Simply select which of the colors you want to replace.
  • Select the object with the Color Editor dialog on screen.
  • Select one of the colors from the drop-down menu of colors.

Do all instances of a particular color get replaced within the selection?

Replacing a color with a newly selected color will cause all occurrences of the selected color to be replaced with the new one.
When you replace a color this way, all parts, including all shades of  the selected color will take on the new color.

Whats the simplest way of editing the color of an object within a group?

  • Select an object.
  • Open the Color Editor and replace the desired color.

How do I edit the navigation bar colours?

  • Open your project.
  • Double-click on the Header page. 
  • Select the color you want to replace.
  • Right-click on the color to edit it
  • Drag the crosshairs around the color editor to change the color in real time. 
  • Activate the "MouseOver Layer" display in the "Page and Layer Gallery". 
  • Right-click on another theme color and click "Edit Theme Color". This updates the "MouseOver" status of the button and all other objects to which the theme color has been applied.