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How do I create password-protected areas for my website?

Sometimes it can be a good idea to protect certain sections of your website from being accessed by just anyone. Here are a few example reasons you might want to do this:

  1. To make photos available to friends
  2. To show clients (e.g. a designer or photographer) the current state of a project
  3. To make certain content available only to (paying or non-paying) members by providing users with individual accounts.

Your MAGIX software provides two different ways to create password-protected areas.

Protecting a page with website access management

A website access manager is an external service which manages access permissions on websites and pages.
If you choose to implement access control in this manner, you will be given HTML code which needs to be added to your page via a placeholder.

For more information about creating placeholders, refer to our guide "How to create placeholders".

A video guide is available HERE. (German Audio)

To download an access manager, visit .

Protecting a page with .htaccess

If your hosting service provider supports .htaccess, follow these steps to implement access control: 

  1. Upload your project to a subfolder of your choice on the server.
  2. Go to to create a .htaccess file.
  3. Go to to create a .htpasswd file.
  4. Upload the .htaccess and htpasswd files to the server.

For more information about using .htaccess, visit the community at