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How do I use the preamp?

Not all turntables are the same — different models use different pickups to play records.
The most common system is called "moving magnet" (MM); the second-most common is called "moving coil" (MC ) and can be found on older Thorens turntables, for example.

Each device requires a different equalizer and preamp.
To learn more about your preamp, refer to the following info sheet:

Info Link

  • Connect the USB preamp to your computer. 
    Once Windows has recognized the device, open Audio Cleaning Lab.

Keep in mind that the RCA input on the preamp is intended for non-amplified signals only. 

If you have a record player with a built-in amplifier — some devices from the 70s, as well as some DUAL record players, have them — plug your turntable into the mini jack on the side of the preamp using an adapter cable (purchased separately) and set the switch to "Line-In". The same should be done if you are connecting a tape recorder, tape deck, MiniDisc, etc.).

  • In Audio Cleaning Lab, press the "R" key on your keyboard to open the recording window.
  • Next to the "Sound Card" switch, select "USB preamp" for the recording. 
  • Go to "Sound Card" > "Sound Card Settings".
  • Enable the options "WMD" and "Monitor input signal". 
  • If you do not hear the input signal, try using the "WASAPI" setting. Close the recording window and press the "P" key on your keyboard. You now need to select the correct sound card playback device (e.g. Realtek HD Audio or similar). Do not select the preamp. If you do, you won't hear anything.
  • Open the recording window again and restart the recording.