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How to fix the message "Error in the MAGIX database"

1. Check your antivirus software

High Security Levels can prevent files from being accessed.
Add the software and the application "Firebird SQL Server" as "exclusions" to your antivirus program, or lower your Antivirus security level.

2. After restarting your PC, reinstall the MAGIX Firebird database 

Download database installer

3. Enable the service "Fabs.exe" 

In some cases, this problem is the result of the "Fabs.exe" service being disabled. 
Enabling the service should fix the problem. 
To change the startup status of services in Windows, follow these steps:

  • Type "msconfig" in the Windows search bar and press ENTER.
  • Open the "Startup" tab. You should now see a list of programs which can be set to automatically run when Windows starts. Place or remove check marks to change the startup status of the programs.
  • Switch off all unnecessary applications.
  • Open the tab "Services", locate and start the file "Fabs.exe".