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I lost my content and templates after installing the patch

An incomplete patch installation could cause problems when starting or stopping the application, or could cause the store content to disappear. The cause of the problem lies in the incorrect reorganisation of the internal database that manages the templates, audio and store content.

Whenever the program content changes (after major updates or when updating or installing program content), the program must rebuild the content library. 
This process may take some time depending on the amount of content available in the Store. 
An unexpected interruption of this process can lead to problems.

Please apply the following steps to solve this problem:

  1. Start your software.
  2. Click on "Help -> Delete Local Store Contents".
  3. Close the application. Please wait until the application has been closed completely, i.e. until the program process closes automatically. You can verify this through the "Task Manager" (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC). 
  4. Restart your application and wait until the database rebuilds.

If any errors are detected in the store content, a final restart of the software is necessary to close the issue.

Avoid manually shutting down the program via "Task manager". After rebooting, the problem will only be solved if the process has been stopped by the system.