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Object position and page size

How do I change the dimensions of a webpage?

The page size can be changed by going to "File" > "Page Options" and opening the "Page Size" tab.

You can also change the dimensions of your website by placing the mouse cursor over the lower right-hand corner of the page and dragging the edges.

How do I  position objects on a webpage?

You control this function via the dialog "ADAPT AUTOMATICALLY TO PAGE", which you can reach via the context menu of any object on the page or under menu "EXTRAS" > "ADAPT AUTOMATICALLY TO PAGE...".
The checkbox "ADAPT ALL OBJECTS AUTOMATICALLY" controls the automatic behavior for all objects on the page.

Is it possible to prevent the page size from changing accidentally?

You can lock the page size by going to "File" > "Page Options" and opening the "Page Size" tab.  This feature is applied to all pages in your document.