MAGIX Help Center

Shape Tool

The Shape Tool is used to edit and create shapes.
To use the Shape Tool, select it from the toolbar on the left.

  • Draw on an existing shape to enlarge it. 
  • Add new parts to a shape. 
  • Modify the form or contour of a shape.

When a shape is selected by clicking on it with the Shape Tool, the Shape Tool can be used to change the contour of the shape.

If no shape is selected, or if you click on the background to unselect the shape, the Shape Tool can be used to draw lines to create new shapes.

Editing QuickShapes
QuickShapes are automatically converted to an editable form when the Shape Tool comes into contact with them. 

Is it possible to change the feather size, angle and softness?
Yes. The feather size, as well as the angle, roundness, softness and smoothing, can be changed in the info bar.

There is a selection of 6 preconfigured feather sizes available in the info bar. When you zoom, the feather size changes relative to the objects on the page. In other words, when you zoom in, you can change smaller details of the feather since the size of the feather on your screen changes along with the zoom value.

With the tool open, press keys 1 through 6 to quickly switch between feather sizes. Or hold down the Alt key and use the center mouse wheel to change the size.

What does the softness control do to the drawing?
When the softness is set to zero, the tool edits a vector border which allows you to add a new border to the shape you want to edit.
When the softness is set to any other value than zero, a new shape is inserted.

Can I use the tool on photos?
Yes, but it is only suitable for enlarging a photo contour which has already been edited or cropped. Make sure the softness is set to 0% when you do this.