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Text tool

The text tool can be activated from the toolbar on the left-hand side of the screen. After selecting the tool, the text control elements will appear in the info bar above.

There are three basic types of text object.

1. Simple lines of text

  • Using the text tool, click the spot where you want your text to appear.
  • Enter the desired text.

This method is recommendable for short bits of text, such as image captions.
It is not, however, suitable for longer sections of text, since there is no automatic line break feature built in (the line width is unbounded and is automatically extended as you type). 

2. Text columns

  • To create a text column, click and drag horizontally with the text tool. A red line will appear representing the width of the column. This line is simply a visual aid — it will not be exported or printed along with your text. 
  • Enter the desired text. When the text you are typing reaches the end of the column, a line break is automatically inserted to create a new line of text. There is no need to press the Enter key to create a new line.

This text creation method is good for larger amounts of text with multiple lines. When you change the width of the column, your text is automatically reorganized, and the line breaks are repositioned.

3. Text areas

  • To create a rectangular text area, click and drag diagonally with the text tool.
  • Enter the desired text.

This method is best suited for creating longer texts covering multiple text areas or pages. "Flowing text" such as this can flow through multiple designated text areas. As you change the size of the text area, the text is automatically reorganized to fit.
If the designated text area is too small to contain all the text you have entered, the excess text is displayed in gray. Excess text is never exported or printed. It can, however, be edited  like normal text. 
To check whether a text area contains excess (i.e. hidden) text, click inside the text area with the text tool. If there is any hidden text, it will be marked with a red circle icon with a white arrow.