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Using flowing text and Autoflow

Sometimes text can overflow the bottom of the text area. If this happens, an overflow indicator will appear on the bottom of the area.

The overflow indicator can be dragged over any other text area to link the two text areas together and force the text to flow from one to the other. If the text cursor is in an area with overflowing text, simply click the page to create a new text area.

How do I unlink text areas from each other?

Click and drag the overflow indicator and drop it away from any of the text areas.

What happens if I delete a linked text area?

The text area will be removed, but the text it contains will remain and re-flow into the remaining text areas.

Can I link text areas across pages?

You can flow text from a text area on one page to a text area on any other page. 

Automatic text flow: Automatically creating new pages using text flow (Autoflow)

A text area can be made to automatically flow onto a new page when the text in it overflows. This feature can be turned on for any text area and is enabled by default in the text areas in the COLUMN templates available under "FILE" > "NEW".

  1. Right-click inside the text area and select "Advanced Text Properties".
  2. Enable "Automatically create new pages". 
  3. You can also enable "Automatically create new pages" by clicking on a text area's flow control.

When a new page is created using this feature, it's placed immediately after the current page. The new page also contains a copy of each of the text areas which are linked to the current text flow. As you continue to enter text in the text flow, new pages are created as needed, just as they would be in a word processor.

Manual text flow: Manually linking text areas across pages

To manually flow text across multiple pages, use the zoom tool to zoom out until you can see all the pages you want to manually flow text into, and then drag the overflow arrow over those pages.

Can I modify text areas independently of each other within an Autoflow?

Often, your document will contain similar layouts of text areas across multiple pages. If you make a change to a text area on one page, you may want that same change to be applied to all similar areas in the same flow.

If you move a text area or change its size, the "Page" > "Column break" menu will appear.

You can also press Ctrl+Shift+Enter to add a column break.

To add a page break, right-click the position in the text where you want to add the page break.
Then, select "Insert" > "Column break".