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Using the bitmap fill feature

Bitmap fills are one of the most powerful fill types. They allow any photo or texture to be used as a fill for any shape and give you direct control over the size, angle, position and tiling of the fill. Bitmap fills can also be colored. You can use any type of bitmap as a fill, including JPEG photos, and alpha-channel (semi-transparent) bitmaps.

How do I use bitmap fills?

Follow these steps to fill a shape or photo with a bitmap:

  1. Hold down the Shift key and drag-and-drop any bitmap from the Bitmap Gallery or Windows File Explorer onto any shape in your project.
  2. Drag any fill from the Fill Gallery onto the shape (the Shift key does not need to be held down for this).
  3. Select "Bitmap" from the Fill Type drop-down menu on the left-hand side of the Fill Tool InfoBar, and then select the bitmap you want to use from the Bitmap Name drop-down menu (only bitmaps which have already been loaded can be selected here).

The bitmap is resized to fill the shape or photo. 

For more information about bitmap fills, please refer to the "Fill Gallery" section of the PDF manual, starting on page 264.