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Using the Group/Ungroup features

This short guide explains how to use the Group and Ungroup features to group and ungroup objects.

Grouping objects
The Group feature lets you group photo, video and audio objects together so that they behave like a single object.
When you load a video into your project, the picture and sound tracks are automatically grouped together. 

  • To select the objects you want to group, either hold down the Ctrl key and click each object one after the other or hold down the left mouse button and draw a selection box around all of the objects.
  • Then, go to "Edit" > "Group objects" or press the "G" key on your keyboard to group the objects together. 

Ungrouping objects 
The Ungroup feature lets you separate objects in order to edit them individually. For example, you might want to ungroup the picture and audio tracks of a video in order to move, delete or cut out parts of one of the tracks without affecting the other.

  • Click with the left mouse button on an object of the group to be dissolved.
  • To ungroup objects, click one of the objects in the group and go to "Edit" > "Ungroup objects", or press Shift+G.