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Web animations: scroll and parallax

Scroll animations
Scroll animations are linked to the scrolling of the document. This means that scroll-animated objects only move when the document is scrolled. The speed of the animation is proportional to the scrolling speed.

So, when the document isn't being scrolled, the animated object doesn't move. When the document is scrolled slowly, the object moves slowly. The faster you scroll, the faster the object moves.

How to create a scroll animation:

  • Right-click the object you want to animate and select "Web Animation".
  • Open the "Reveal/Scroll" tab and select "Scroll Animation".
  • Open the "Animation" flip menu and select the type of animation you want to use.
  • The "Speed" slider regulates how fast the animation plays relative to the scrolling speed.
  • The "Delay" slider is deactivated because scroll animations do not support delays.

Parallax animations
Parallax animations are a special kind of scroll animation which can be created in the "Animations" flip menu. With parallax animations, some objects on the page scroll at different speeds than other objects, which creates a parallax effect. 

The speed slider regulates how fast the object should scroll relative to the other objects on the page.

Setting the speed very low causes the object to barely move while other objects scroll past it.
Setting the speed very high causes the object to scroll at nearly the same speed as the rest of the objects on the page.