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Website not found or not correctly displayed

Error 404 (website not found), empty pages and similar issues can be caused by a range of different factors:

  • Make sure you have published your site to the right subfolder on your web hosting service. Most web hosting services use directories with names like ""public_html"" or ""www"" which your website needs to be published to in order for it to display correctly. 
  • Your first page has a name other than ""index"". Most hosting services are designed to look for a page called ""index"" when people visit your website. If this page doesn't exist, the user is given an error message.
  • Your website is on a layer which is invisible by default (e.g. a pop-up layer or mouse-over layer). Open the Page &amp Layer gallery and check which layer your website is on.

If your page is not appearing correctly, or changes you have made are not showing up, this might be the result of the following issues:

  • An older version of your website is saved in your browser's cache. To fix this, press Ctrl+F5 to force refresh the page or press Ctrl+Shift+Del and click "OK".
  • You have made changes to a layer which is invisible by default. Open the Page and Layer gallery and check which layer you made the changes on.
  • You have published the website to a directory which is different than the directory you originally published the site to. You might want to check your web hosting service to see which directory you published the site to and which directory you need to move it to.